A fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington DC has launched a campaign to repel the "frankly un-American rhetoric" targeted towards Muslims in the US. Benjamin Wittes told Al Jazeera that the #MuslimAmericanFaces tag allows people to celebrate Muslims rather than demonise them.

  1. The hashtag is a way of responding to Islamophobia. "There seems to be a lot of people in this country who need reminding that there are real people involved when they talk about excluding Muslims from the United States," Wittes said.
  2. "I don't think hashtags change the world, but they provide an opportunity for people to celebrate the accomplishments of friends and neighbours," said Wittes, "whether the person that posts is a Muslim or not."
  3. "I hope that people will use it as a way of making people feel more rather than less welcome," added Wittes. "When people are being jerks, you can be nice."
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