Queen City Battle of the Bands 2017

Because I couldn't stick to one social medium

  1. On the road...
  2. At this point I didn't yet know the format, whether to expect a traditional 5th, or what.
  3. That was on the walkup. Then, the logjam getting into the stadium:
  4. I don't know to whom to ascribe blame for the logjam, but as blackfolks we sure like to act as though we, as a people, are at fault.
  5. In retrospect, I probably should have held on to a few more hot takes from my Instagram story. But a concept I had thoughts on in a couple of places.
  6. And on Facebook: There's a clear analogy to be made with Talladega being loud, blustery and lacking substance, but I'll let y'all figure that one out.
  7. There was one particular public performance that made the name Talladega mean anything to anyone other than bandheads and Ricky Bobby. I'll leave it at that.
  8. Spartan Legion under the lights. #qcbob
    Spartan Legion under the lights. #qcbob
  9. The 1997 *Nsync hit was played not once but twice.
  10. My DCI crossover moment.
  11. I called them on their rendition of Forever Sheneneh over on Facebook, though. And speaking of Facebook...
  12. -
  13. Crossover #2.
  14. Also had to holler at the homie Joe Beard from Marching Podcast as his Sonic Boom of the South took the field.
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