ESA Moon Challenge 2015

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  1. Introduction to the challenge
  2. ESA Moon Challenge live stream 2015
  3. Challenge Resources
  5. The mission of HERACLES is to establish key elements and capabilities for sustainable human exploration of the Moon and human-robotic exploration of Mars by implementing lunar surface operations whilst maximising opportunities for unprecedented scientific knowledge gain"
  6. "HERACLES is an ESA-led mission architecture study, which aims for the next steps in lunar exploration. Realising human-robotic partnership, or the interaction between crew and automated systems, is one of the main objective in this study. The mission architecture consists of multiple elements, including a lander, an ascend stage, a sample container and a rover."
  7. Teams had a free choice of visualisation methods for illustrating their operational methods e.g. CATIA, Kerbal Space Program, Blender or Celestia.
  8. The Finalists for ESA Moon Challenge
  9. The winning team was HECATE
  10. ESA Moon Challenge - HECATE (Winning Team!) [NEW]
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  12. Meet all the teams and see their entries!
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  14. ESA Moon Challenge - Team Synergic Selene
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  16. ESA Moon Challenge - Team Alcides
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