1. Sir John Armitt kicked off the expert forum by setting out his proposals for a National Infrastructure Commission that, every ten years, would carry out a national assessment of infrastructure need and, as part of this national conversation, produce our infrastructure priorities.
  2. Actually that's 100Vision Director Ben Hurley (thanks for the pic) introducing the man with the plan...
  3. Tony Burton started his 'consultation' swear box. Those pushing for it to be replaced, in practice, with 'engagement' and 'participation' hoping to keep the box empty.
  4. Robbie Owens from PinsentMasons talked through drafting the wording of the Draft Infrastructure Bill and extensive consultation, sorry, engagement that has been carried out
  5. Dan Corry, NPC, chaired a panel presentation and discussion on lessons to be learned from polling research, London 2012 strategic communications and the research behind the ThisGirlCan campaign.
  6. Lisa O’Keefe, Sport England Director of Insight, presented on the behavioural insight approach underpinning ThisGirlCan, a national campaign celebrating active women and challenging barriers to participation. Worth re-watching the films as background to the notes below
  7. This Girl Can: Behind The Scenes
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